Optima Bluetop D31M

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Optima D31M Specs/Data Sheet pdf


The D31M is Optima’s most powerful single-unit Blue Top battery.

The D31M Blue Top offers exceptionally high CCA for its size and boasts 75 amp hours of current storage for long deep-cycling run times.

The D31M will not off-gas in normal operation, but for complete safety in enclosed spaces its overpressure vent will accept a remote venting tube. The D31M Blue Top offers the best performance/cost value on the market. It performs in any deep cycle battery application, and its Spiralcell AGM construction make it tough. 14x more shock and vibration resistant than conventional batteries.



Weight:59.8 lb
C20 Capacity:75 Ah
Post Type:Dual SAE & 5/16 Stainless Stud
CCA:900 Amp
Width:6.56 in
Length:12.81 in
Height:9.38 in

Key Benefits & Special Features
  • It is a 12 volts marine and vehicle battery.
  • This battery is a dual purpose battery with ultimate cranking as well as deep cycle ability.
  • It has 75 AH which is good enough to power up various power demanding onboard accessories.
  • The Cold Cranking Amps of this battery is 900 A, which makes it applicable even in very cold climatic condition. Its Marine Cranking Amps is 1125 A, which is powerful enough to provide a high cranking performance.
  • The reserve capacity of this Optima marine battery is 155 minutes with 25 amp depth of discharge at 80° F.
  • Plates are made from high quality and pure lead-tin alloy with wound cell design and Spiralcell technology.
  • Absorbed glass mate interior design with recombinant technology needs no routinely distilled water refilling, which makes it completely maintenance free.
  • Polypropylene outer case offers good durability.
  • Post is designed with Dual SAE and 5/16 stainless stud.
  • Spill proof and can be mounted virtually at any position.
  • Can be charged with alternator or battery charger with up to 15.0 volts and it is completely recharged after 6 to 12 hours of charging depending on the voltage and amount of current flow.
  • This Optima battery belongs to group 31.




This Optima battery is applicable for both cranking and powering up various appliances, whatever is your field, marine, road or off road, it can be used for starting boats, vehicles, cars and many more high power demanding engines and simply perfect for the multiple high demanding accessories as well as trolling motors. If you are a professional or hobbyist, in case you need a group 31 dual purpose battery with AGM technology, you can consider purchasing this particular battery from Optima as this battery has the capacity to fulfill any high power demand.

 Warranty: 24 months free replacement