Rolls Surrette

Rolls Surrette


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  ROLLS premium Deep Cycle batteries have earned a reputation of Reliability and Dependability on

Railroad, Marine, Motive Power and Renewable Energy markets.

The Surrette Battery Company was established in 1935 and is based out of Nova Scotia, Canada since

1959. For over 60 years they have been manufacturing Rolls-branded deep cycle lead acid batteries and

they have become a trusted name in the deep cycle battery industry.

Dual container construction, high-density polyethylene materials and unique "Resistox"plate design

provide a life expectancy that is among the longest in the battery industry. 

 On average, the life expectancy of these batteries is between 15 and 20 years.


With the highest recycling rating of any consumer product, Rolls is focused on reducing their

footprint and helping customers reduce theirs. Over 85 years experience and a focus on what's to

come have made the Rolls brand of batteries Internationally recognized.


When ordering 2 or more batteries, please call to get a preferred shipping rate. 

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