Deka Dominator Gel

Deka Dominator Gel

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DEKA introduces a Marine Battery second to none.

The DOMINATOR contains electrolyte that is permanently locked in a thixotropic gel, instead of conventional and messy liquid acid. Our gelled electrolyte batteries offer many significant advantages over conventional liquid acid batteries. Because there is no liquid electrolyte to leak or spill out of the battery, the Dominator can be easily installed in hard-to-reach locations. Because it has gelled electrolyte, there is no need to check fluid levels.  The Dominator even works under water.

The most technologically advanced power source today.  Deka has set the standard for performance and quality for Gel batteries.  Deka's "Dominator" gelled construction also eliminates vibration damage.


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Deka Dominator Specs pdf

Deka Guide to VRLA Batteries pdf